Scrap a van for cash!!!£$£$


Is there an old, unused retired van sitting in your garage taking up space, or how about a MOT that is not up to date or even if the van is just in shit condition all together.Then why don’t you bring your van down to Metro salvage scrappers where you can trade your out of shape,not in trend and all round piece of junk for a decent amount of money. This offer should not be missed as we are paying you to take away you van.

we’ll recycle your parts

Your van might actually be on its last legs already and you don’t even could potentially break down just as your abut to go on the family holiday. Things you should check to see if you could earn a quick sum of money would be to check that the MOT is up to date if it isn’t and you are no longer wanting a relationship with your van then bring it to scrappers where we can trade you an old van for quick cash. Another thing that could increase your chance of becoming cash quick easily would be if the insurance has written your car off this can be a pain in the arse as you have probably had some fun road trips to B&Q in that van of yours, but it being written off doesn’t make it the end of the van you can still get one last experience out of it all you have to do is bring it to the scrappers and you can trade its parts for our cash you are basically getting given free cash for an old out of date van.

scrap a van for cash

A reason that we take your van would be to recycle its parts and if we ever need to replace a part we will have spare parts in so your van is not being put to waste in fact its actually being put to good use any parts that we seem still in working condition such as the engine we will take out and reuse them if we make basically bring your van to scraper and well give you cash in hand.



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