Scrap a Van for Cash!

If your van has seen better days, bring it here to The Scrappers Ltd. We can get rid of that old, rusty vehicle for money, all you have to do is bring it here and tell us why. Has its MOT failed? Is it damaged? Is it just not the spring chicken it used to be, or do you simply want to get rid of it for some money? We’ll take it off you for anything, so feel free to bring it over. Scrapping your van for money probably hasn’t crossed your mind if you’re quickly looking to get rid of it, because most people will scrap a van and not offer cash in return. We do. And instead of taking time out of your day to find people willing to buy your old van, just phone us and we’ll be at an agreement in no time.

We pay top prices for vehicles brought in, and if you can’t drive it over because it’s too damaged, we can come and take it off your hands, AND pay the cash to you on collect. We have a truck suited for all vehicles, so provide us with a photo of the van, and we’ll do our best to retrieve it within a short time period. The make and condition of the van doesn’t matter, as we de-pollute and scrap any van for spare parts regardless of the make/model and condition. After we’ve bought your van and it’s been de-polluted, and clean and fully working parts will be stripped and put on sale so that other old vans can still work for the longest possible time. Following that, any dangerous and toxic chemicals will be drained from the engine and system of the van, such as coolant and petrol, so that it can be crushed. The metal can be used to make more vans and cars, helping to keep the environment clean as we recycle the parts.

We encourage anyone to bring in their old vans, or let us collect them, because we offer the fairest prices and quickest response times. You phone us, we can have your van off you by the end of the day, it’s that simple.

The Scrappers Bolton

01204 388488


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